Making sure your home or business is ready for winter time.

As well as making a plan for your home, here are some everyday items that could come in hand when the cold weather starts to bite.

Things like:

  • a torch and spare batteries (or wind-up torch)
  • three days worth of water and ready to eat food that won’t go off
  • a battery-powered radio and spare batteries (or wind-up radio)
  • essential medicines, first-aid kit and toiletries
  • emergency phone numbers
  • copies of important documents like insurance policies and birth certificates
  • pencil, paper, penknife and a whistle
  • baby and pet supplies, if needed
  • spare keys for your home and car
  • spare glasses or contact lenses
  • a shovel for snow, It’s also worth knowing some important details about the main utilities that come into your home. Make sure you know things like:
  • where your stop valve is and how to turn off your water
  • how to turn off your electricity supply at the main and show to turn off the gas supply to your property