Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Before any gas work is carried out, always make sure you ask to see their Gas Safe Register ID card from the outset and match the picture on the card with the tradesman present.


Unsafe gas appliances produce an extremely poisonous gas called carbon monoxide (CO). It can cause death as well as serious long term health issues such as brain damage.


Remember the six main symptoms to look out for:

  1. headaches
  2. smell of gas
  3. dizziness 
  4. nausea 
  5. breathlessness 
  6. collapse 
  7. loss of consciousness


Being aware of these symptoms could save your life and your Family..

Carbon monoxide symptoms are similar to flu, food poisoning, viral infections and tiredness. That’s why it’s quite common for people to mistake this very dangerous poisoning for something else.

Other signs that could point to carbon monoxide poisoning:
  • Your symptoms only occur when you are at home
  • Your symptoms disappear or get better when you leave home and symptons come back when you return home.
  • Others in your household are experiencing symptoms (including your pets) and they appear at a similar time to that of yours.


Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs after enough inhalation of carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but, being colorless, odorless, tasteless, and initially non-irritating, it is very difficult for people to detect. Carbon monoxide is a product of incomplete combustion of organic matter due to insufficient oxygen supply to enable complete oxidation to carbon dioxide (CO2). It is often produced in domestic or industrial settings by older motor vehicles and other gasoline-powered tools, heaters, and cooking equipment. Exposures at 100 ppm or greater can be dangerous to human health.



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