Blocked Toilets


If you have a blocked toilet we can send you assistance to get it cleared for you.


If you can try and clear it yourself, you may be successful.


  • Initially remove any obstacles from inside the toilet i.e. food, sewage, toilet paper, sanitary towels, toilet tissue and any other blockages.
  • This can sometimes be achieved by using a suitable chemical cleaner. (Ensure chemical is suitable for the type of toilet you have e.g. enamel toilet or chrome etc).
  • Always read the label and any warning material when using chemicals and the correct gloves and clothes if advised.
  • If this does not clear the toilet then the assistance of a plumber or drainage engineer may be required.
  • blocked sink
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  • Check the trap for any blockage, if it is clear then a pipe cleaner (such as a flexible curtain wire)

should be used to dislodge the blockage if possible.


We also clear blocked sinks and drains.



If the above does not clear your blocked sink, book a plumber now.



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